Trofeez – Creating a brand from scratch

Trofeez is a manufacturer of trophies and medals in the Republic of Moldova that seeks to expand on the Romanian market. It is intended to capture customers from people who organize sports events, mainly. They used Digital Point services to create the brand from scratch. Let’s see how it went.

Brand name

This company was originally called Trofee Sportive. We thought it was a much too generic name, so we considered a change. That’s how we got to Trofeez, starting from the romanian name and adding a modern, English touch. Short and to the point, expressing exactly what the company sells.


Our graphics department started working on the logo immediately. It’s an important step, because you have to send a message to customers directly from the image. We thought that trophies are associated with sport, and sport is interconnected with people. 

These elements were combined in the logo, a part being represented by the cup, the purpose of the activity and the object of the sale. On the other hand, we can see two abstracted people, a message that can be interpreted differently: team spirit, the transmission of sportsmanship from parent to child or simply the joy of winning a trophy.

The chosen colors convey warmth, and the graphic designer likened it to the feeling you have when you win a trophy. An important thing, especially since our graphic designer composed on his own, preferring a creative approach instead of the eternal copy-paste so often used.

Slogan – Winners always need a prize

It often takes a few words to stay in the subconscious of the person viewing an ad. In the case of Trofeez, we opted for a slogan. The team of copywriters intervened here and decided that the slogan should be in Romanian for the time being, and if we cross the borders for sales, we will opt for a slogan in English.

Establishing the market position

We can’t be fooled that Trofeez is the only company that produces sports trophies, so before launching the new brand, it was necessary for Digital Point to conduct market research, identify direct competition and establish a step-by-step strategy (see next paragraph ) that Trofeez must follow. 

Specifically, we developed the pricing strategy and the direction of brand development, based on a series of market research transposed into about 20 pages, which is the scenario for the success of Trofeez.


Digital Point’s battle plan involved developing a short, medium and long-term strategy, and the forces were deployed on two battlefields, the offline and online environments. The purpose of this strategy is to make Trofeez a recognized brand at local and regional level, the national one being also targeted.

We operate on a deadline basis, the program being carefully developed so that we can observe an organic and substantial growth of the Trofeez brand. Tasks are responsibly divided into the Digital Point team so that each member knows exactly what their mission is and how to accomplish it.

What Trofeez offers and what follows for them

Trofeez, as mentioned above, is a company that produces awards for various sports activities. Basically, we are talking about a variety of cups, medals or figurines, over 200 in number, so a diversified portfolio. We have established how we position Trofeez in relation to competitors and the direction that this company must follow.

DigitalPoint also took into account the values ​​represented by Trofeez, honesty, fair play, respect and perseverance. They are incorporated in the marketing strategy developed by us in the short, medium and long term. 

We are sure that Trofeez will soon get where it deserves!

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