The transition of Underground Barber Shop to the next level

DigitalPoint is the marketing company you want to choose if you want your business to grow, attract new customers and keep loyal customers. Of course, all companies can write about themselves what they want, but we also come up with concrete examples. Today, let’s look at a young business that will soon become successful – Underground Barber Shop.

What is Underground Barber Shop?

Before we talk about what we have introduced in the marketing strategy of the people who own Underground Barber Shop, let’s find out what they offer. Underground is a barber shop in Iași, located very close to the city center, on Cuza Street. They offer high quality services at great prices in an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.


For those of you who are not familiar enough with this concept, the concept of branding means the overall design of a company combined with the promotion of that company, its services and products. Before resorting to Digital Point services, Underground Barber Shop relied mainly on ‘word of mouth’, i.e. the dissemination of information orally, and a Facebook account operated by them.

The Facebook account was the only way Underground Barber Shop chose to make itself better known in the online community. They mostly posted pictures and videos with hairstyles and models. But for branding to work, frequent posts must be made on various online media to ensure a constant online presence, that is visible to potential customers.

Rebranding – the introduction of Digital Point into the equation

Rebranding is a marketing strategy used when a vitality transfusion is needed for a business. Underground Barber Shop chose Digital Point for online marketing services, so let’s see what has changed.

First of all, we created a fresh logo to express exactly what this barber shop represents. Then, we increased the online exposure of the Underground Barber Shop by creating an Instagram account (@undergroundbarber.shop) from scratch. Instagram is a growing online environment, and this field has been unclaimed by the Underground Barber Shop this far.

We chose an interesting style for the IG account, which would highlight the Underground Barber Shop compared to the competitors. Moving on, once a strategy was put in place for the online presence of Underground, we got to work.

This involved constantly creating content. Basically, the images began to go through a graphic design process, increasing the visual quality of Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The qualitative increase of the visual aspect for Underground Barber Shop was correlated with well thought out descriptions, which should act in a ‘call to action’ way, to motivate the customers into choosing this particular barber shop.


It has not been a very long time since the Underground Barber Shop started its partnership with Digital Point, so the level of growth is not yet worth mentioning. However, the strategy we have developed is beginning to bear fruit.

We will continue to improve the image of the business, we will attract new customers through well thought marketing campaigns, until Underground Barber Shop will become the main option when you search for ‘the best barber shop in Iasi’.

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