The season of changes for Casa Lebada

We like to believe that we write a successful story with every collaboration we have, one we are eager to share with you. The swan in our story is far from Hans Christian Andersen’s writings. The swan we know needed a website, design, articles and social media to increase the success of Casa Lebada. Here are the chapters of our story:


We created banners for the car range, construct range and clean range. The design team listened to the indications and wishes of the partner and set to work, initially designing, some ideas, suitable for the concept. Creating a banner is all fun and games if you follow some well-established steps and if you put your imagination to work. We thought about where the banner will be displayed and we chose the dimensions from the start, even if we could change them along the way. The next step was to choose a background and visual elements, colors, textures, and of course, a suitable message. All these decisions were made keeping in mind the specifics of the business and the purpose of capturing the public’s attention. In the end, all we had to do was export the banner in the desired format and enjoy the result.

Label design

We extremely like the quality products of local producers, but if the packaging does not emphasize their usefulness, there is a problem. Casa Lebada needed a fresh touch, which would put its own products in a new light. This is how the creation of new labels for varnishes, paints and disinfectants started. The approached design was a simple one, designed to include the product name, Casa Lebada’s logo, the ingredients and some information of general interest.

Speaking of the logo, Lebada needed a little color to represent its personality, so the imagination pushed us to create several variants, from which we then chose the most appropriate option for each environment: social media, website, product label.

In the making

Because ideas come to us one after another, work never stops. We are currently working on the concept for the labels of a limited edition product, so stay tuned if you are curious about the results.


Writing is definitely the mother of learning, and that’s why we write every day. We are not the most skilled masters of painting, but we are masters of writing. What luck as such a type of business is extremely tender, having a wide range of products that you can write about. Be careful, though, that you want to post new content, not information that can be found everywhere.

Taking into account the range of products on offer, we focused on information and advice related to interior design, as well as cleaning products and disinfectants.

Social media

As more than half of the world’s population is present on social media, why shouldn’t you be? Statistics show how 60% of Instagram users claim to discover new brands through the platform. Think about what it would be like if people only considered businesses they know on social media. Would you and your brand be on the lucky list? 

Currently, social media is a natural choice to reach potential buyers. We made sure that Lebada is present online on networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, where we continue to post relevant and qualitative content, specific to this type of business.  


Discounts are a quick way to attract buyers. You definitely get a person’s attention if you tell them that they can save money when they buy a product. Discounts help not only buyers, but also your business. It is a small step from reducing prices to improving reputation, and that is why we created the page with promotions, where the purchase of disinfectant products can bring considerable discounts to potential buyers. Who doesn’t like promotions?

We believe that we managed to write a rather successful story, if we are to follow the favorable results we obtained from the collaboration with the Casa Lebada brand. We like projects that require our imagination and push us to learn as much as possible and become the best. If the Swan is happy, we are happy too.

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