The Demo label for an experimental beer

Capra Noastra is a local project, with a generous portfolio of craft beers, which does not steal the neighbor’s beer, but supports entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. Beyond the product, the brand Capra Noastra means friendship between people and acceptance of differences, helping them to make friends, to put together ideas and concepts from different worlds and to hate less. Capra Noastra’s craft beer reveals the humor of Iasi’s people and brings them together.

The labels design makes the difference between a successful and an anonymous product 

To celebrate three years of existence, Capra Noastra created an experimental beer, a limited edition beer in need of a label. So, the mission of our team was to create a dynamic, yet minimalist label, one that represents the company and the entire product portfolio.

Our partners wanted a different label than the rest, that would represent the same humorous specificity of the brand. In other words, Capra Noastra wanted a unique label, that would not create confusion in the preferences of current consumers.

Demo for an experimental beer

Probably the most challenging aspect of this project was to bring together in a single label all the other products, in the form of a unitary concept. So, for our design and graphics team, the Capra Nooastra project meant a few days of brainstorming, in trying to find that unique idea.

The first step was reached finding the name that reflects both the idea of experimental beer and innovation, and the fact that it will be limited edition. Also, the design should symbolise the three years on the market anniversary. 

Analyzing market, we noticed that crafted beers are based on the strong hop taste, promoting the same cliché: the graphic image of hops, which visually dominates the entire label, an element that has lost its over time essence and relevance. 

So, we moved away from this area and tried to think outside the box

A label that reflects the strong taste of hops, but without visually containing this element

We chose a simple graphic that reflects the independent and creative spirit of the concept of Capra Noastra, adding a series of slightly caricatured and humorous characters. They were representative for our partner’s own identity. The taste of beer with more hops, which is more aromatic and bitter, but pleasant, illustrated by a single text element, the IPL inscription, written in a playful font. 

So we let this product tell its story through its own label. At the end of the creative process, we performed a series of print tests for labels, in order to have a more realistic and unitary image of the final product. 

In the end we can say that we are proud of the result and we look forward to collaborate again with Capra Noastra. Cheers!

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