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In today’s story we will talk about the stages of the process of saving a unique architectural piece from the 18th century, from a fate that already targets too many monuments and tourist attractions in Romania. We wanted to help people discover the potential we discovered during our visits to Brukenthal Palace. We will also tell you what was the plan we made and followed to save “The Eden of Transylvania”.

We have combined everything we know to do better with new methods, so that the result is surprising. We specifically dealt with content: photography, video and blog, so that in the end we can enjoy a complete and complex product.


The first thing you want to do  when you arrive at The Brukenthal Palace, is to take some pictures to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the place. That’s exactly what we did! We photographed both the palace building, the garden and Casa Rozalia. We tried to capture as well as possible the details that impressed us, such as the architectural elements, the natural ones or the surroundings.

Drone filming

We can say that drone filming was a demanding challenge, which I passed with flying colors. Although it was a relatively new field for us, we adapted extremely quickly, and the result was better than we expected. The frames of the films capture enchanting images with the palace and the garden, at various times of the day.

The Finest Fashion Fest was a completely unique event both for us and for the types of events organized at the palace. We put all the talent we had at work and made a teaser the same day, a live broadcast, the official filming and the making of the event, all accompanied by a huge number of photos, of course.

Site optimization

The site optimization was not forgotten either. We have also spoken on other occasions about how the mere existence of a site cannot work wonders for you and your business. We removed all the display errors and created an English version of the site, so that foreign tourists can easily discover the experience of Brukenthal Palace.

Blog tabs

Because you can’t tell the full story only through images, we wrote and posted in articles information about the location, the origin of the name, and also the significant events, because the most important thing in a historical monument is the story behind. We also talked about the available services, the events organized and held within the palace, the tourist attractions of the surroundings and about the reasons why it is worth to at least pay a visit to these lands.

Social media

Ever since we started to notice the magnitude of the social media impact on marketing, we have set ourselves a goal, that of never neglecting social networks. Based on this purpose, we took care of the maintenance of the Facebook and Instagram pages of the palace, by creating relevant content. From the design of the icons, to the colors, fonts and the most representative photos, all were established after long debates, to make sure they are the best.

You can view the action of a story without pictures, just as you can read the unwritten message behind some successful photos. Fortunately, we did not have to choose between methods, so we managed to use both, so that the end of the story is one worth remembering.

Remember that one method of promoting your business is not enough for your business to enjoy the success it deserves. Digital Point recommends that you pay attention to all the details, and you will notice results!

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