Techmax and the 150% sales growth

Because we like to be in constant motion, today we continue the story of Digital Point in Timisoara, together with Techmax, a resealed home appliances store. After long discussions we came to the conclusion that the business was not at all in a favorable situation. But as we do not know how to give up, we accepted the challenge. Website, blog, SEO, content, are some of the ingredients we needed in order to start a successful business. Let’s take it step by step:

Website makeover

There are cases in which you have to place the first brick at the foundation of a site or situations in which there is already an insecure construction, which must be stabilized or even rebuilt. The latter was also the case with Techmax. The website already existed, in a precarious form, so it was necessary to deal with it in the shortest possible time. We will not lie, it was quite hard work, but in the end, the website was dressed in new clothes, ready to meet the market.

Of course, everything has been modified and optimized to look flawless in the mobile or tablet version. Thus, the customer can scroll at will and can view product categories even when waiting in line at the supermarket.

A, B, C, D, SEO

The secret to SEO is to observe and understand the way people search for what they need, in the online environment, and how Google decides to display the results to users. It’s about putting more things together to discover opportunities.

Relevance, trust, popularity; you need these qualities to characterize your website, to know that you have succeeded. Success is born from the regular posting of qualitative content, which offers the user the satisfaction he is looking for, on the long run. Although you don’t have to invest financially in SEO, be prepared to invest time and effort in your website and online marketing, if you really want to generate traffic from search engines. 

Our daily content

A blog with only one article posted three months ago will not work wonders for you. You need quality content, relevant to the specifics of the business. All day research! it should be your motto from now on.

The Techmax blog needed an urgent resuscitation, so we started to work. As we said, we have done and still do research, because consumer trends and preferences are constantly changing. The difference between resealed products and second-hand products or Eco-friendly appliances – how to save the planet are some of the titles of articles that have been published on the Techmax blog. We planned to facilitate the understanding of the concept of resealed appliances, towards which we had noticed a retained attitude from potential customers.

WhatsApp, business?

Because we like the interesting accessories that support businesses, we got our hands on WhatsApp Business again. We like it because it is a tool that ensures a user-friendly experience for customers, by providing answers to their questions and concerns, all in a very short time. It is a must have for a reputable website.

We are modest, but we know how to appreciate a well-done thing. The fact that Techmax’s sales on the site increased by 150% can only confirm that what we created was exactly what the business needed to occupy its well-deserved place in the home appliance sales market.

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