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Your business website represents its business card in the online environment. Through such a platform you will be able to draw links to the general public, regardless of the location of your brand or the budget you have for promotion.

The Sunrise complex in Iasi became our partner in February of this year, the collaboration being strictly focused on the creation, implementation and development of a web domain from scratch. Because their old site was structured too simply to meet their current needs, preventing them from developing on the market of organizing events in Iasi, we needed to intervene.

Identifying the problem

Located in the heart of the recreational area of ​​the Ciric forest, it slowly began to move away from the old field of activity, represented by sunny days spent by the pool and outdoor parties, requesting a new website.

The rebranding movement of Sunrise started when it was decided to move to the field of organizing events with a large number of guests, for individuals and legal entities. That being said, the problem in this situation is that our partner’s old website did not align with their new goal.


The process of solving the problem started from the composition of the graphic design, which was the basis for the reconstruction of the website. Once the intuitive way of navigating the page interface was established, so that the festive atmosphere of the events hosted by the Sunrise Complex was suggested to the client, all the details and information necessary to convince the client to click on the “Book now” button were integrated in the menu. . Immediately after the strategy of the visual component of the web page was conceived, each element was translated by the IT team into a code language, which incorporates everything that was previously missing from the Sunrise Complex in the virtual environment.

Festive design

The minimalist and elegant look, meant to introduce potential customers to the festive atmosphere inspired by weddings or baptisms, has been thought out down to the smallest detail. In order to emphasize the care and attention with which the celebration parties are planned and organized, the two colors that make up the entire theme of the web page were also selected. White was chosen to express the cleanliness, welcoming atmosphere and good organization of the complex, and gold symbolizes the unique experience, offered at premium standards.

Details matter

The font used was PlayFair Display, serif type, to suggest the enchanting, fairytale atmosphere To complement the main tone of the speech we used Roboto, a more “serious” font. When it comes to page layout, we opted for a simple and easy-to-follow layout so that the user can intuitively find every feature they may need.

Design implementation

In order to bring the website to the functional product stage, the development department decided to implement it on the WordPress platform, because it allows a much easier long-term maintenance. The website was built from scratch, using HTML, CSS & JavaScript and for the functionality part the PHP programming language was used.

The website has a high response rate, referring to the multitude of devices from which it can be browsed and accessed. Therefore, the new site of the Sunrise Complex can be visited from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

No detail was neglected when our design team and the IT department set the country in motion to create a site as complex as possible, both functionally and aesthetically. Maybe we are subjective about our work. Take a look at the Sunrise Complex website and tell us what you think!

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