Summer Crunch Quest – The first edition

It often happens for routine and repetition to show up in the creative field. Inevitably, it will take you by surprise when you less expect it. You then come to realize you’ve been doing the same thing for a while, and that your customers are starting to show signs of impatience and disatisfaction. Therefore, an open mind is exactly what it takes to keep things fresh.

Why a quest?

We thought ‘how could we better promote the brand Banzai?’ And decided to break out of the ordinary. An outdoor activity that would encompass a variety of tasks is an attractive idea to people in general, because it is something that comes as a surprise from a brand that sells seeds and nuts, among other snacks.

Associating the Banzai with an interesting and exciting game will make the subconscious mind of its customers to choose these products later, before the banal ones. If the potential customers who took part in the event had a great experience, they will be left with pleasant memories, and their snack choices will result in picking Banzai off the shelffrom then on.

The purpose of the quest

Basically, Summer Crunch Quest was a way to promote Banzai  and introduce the products of Leo D’or, a novelty brought by Banzai on the Romanian market.

What did this event consist of?

First of all, we organized a game (call it a quest or mission) that involved spreading checkpoints in the Park of Copou. Each checkpoint had a question for the competitors, the answer having to be given at the next checkpoint. Whoever finishes first, wins the grand prize.

Speaking of prizes, Banzai Romania provided T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, all kinds of personalized products, and the biggest prize was a Smart Watch. Obviously, the introduction of the prizes in the event aimed to attract as many participants as possible.

Quality prevailed

We chose to promote this event mainly through constant posts on Social Media. We created special graphics, and the text had to complete the message sent by the designers. We also analyzed the activity of Facebook users to schedule posts at the optimal time. Then, made informative posters that were distributed through Iași, especially in the are of Copou. We created even roll-ups and flags with the identity of Banzai and Leo D’or just so that anyone crossing the area would be left with the brands imprinted on their mind.


Being the first event organized, as such, together with Banzai, there were some organizational ‘hiccups’. However, the overall experience was a success, the event being fun for the whole family, and became appreciated by all participants (especially by the winners). It remains to be seen in the next period how the success of the event will translate into the actual growth of Banzai.

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