Smart Food – creating a brand from scratch

Going to the office, eating healthy, going to the gym, and all this during a day, every day. How? This is exactly the question that inspired the Smart Food brand. A new concept on the Iasi market, Smart Food aims to offer healthy alternatives to fast food type of products. Recipes created with a nutritionist, integrated in suitable menus for both athletes and those who want to lose weight.

Building a brand from scratch is far from being an easy task. Imagine that you want to put down the first brick, but you have no idea how you want the house to look like at the end. Difficult, isn’t it? At Digital Point we learned that only a well planned strategy, with well-defined steps can get you great results. We did the same in the Smart Food case. For whom and for what? What is the direction of travel and when do we say stop?

Branding from one end to the other

When you have a business, the brand represents you. The way you present your ideas recommends you, so you will want to treat the situation as if it were your personal life.

Oh-o, logo!

Ideas are always welcome, because without them you can’t create. What happens when there are more of them on the table? How do you decide which one is the best for what you want to convey? As for the logo, there were three options we couldn’t decide on. To put an end to the problem, we applied a questionnaire to a number of 152 respondents, potential customers. After analyzing the answers, we decided that the winning logo is the one you can see now.

Because it is a smart concept, the logo could not be inferior. From a chromatic point of view, we thought that green best emphasizes the idea of ​​healthy eating. The result is an on/off button, which suggests the switch you make to a healthier life when choosing Smart Food services.

Where there is no website, there is nothing

Going by the principle Show me your site, so I can tell you who you are, we are aware that the website is the story of your business. The Smart Food website is totally custom, so that SEO, contact, integrated social media, design, everything must be optimized so that those who access it can be convinced to become customers.

It`s made by design

Business card, flyers, labels for pots; for each one, the design has been created with care and attention to every detail, so that any point is in its place.

Social media from the ground

How can we forget about social media? Analyzing the origin of customers, we found that the most effective presence would be on Facebook and Instagram. The part of the visual identity created fitted perfectly on social media platforms. Covers and icons, but also design for promotional campaigns, all are eye catchy and invite you to scroll all the way to the first post.

App and go

Because we are still thinking smart, we plan to deliver an application that will facilitate the process of viewing menus and placing orders. Smart is patient.

If you want and believe that your brand needs to exist on the market, don’t wait for others to implement your ideas. Branding is what makes your business stand out, giving it visibility. Don’t get carried away by a big idea. Create a plan, draw directions, answer questions and put yourself in the customer’s position. How does your business look now?

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