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We build the house starting with the foundation. For us, a well-configured and easy-to-use site is the foundation of the services offered to our partners. In this way we approached the situation in the case of those from Banzai. We are convinced that one of the most effective marketing tools to promote the company’s image, and allow it to grow in the market, is a website. From here we started with Banzai, and the brand platform includes:

The architectural plan

Answering the questions: “What? Why? For what?” I started building the site. To make smart decisions, most customers look for web information before buying a product. And because we are friends with statistics, we know that 88% of consumers search for product information online before buying it. What is the result? These data highlight the essence of a site for our partners, including Banzai. 

We understand the importance of the site. What’s next? Understanding ideas and substantiating the concept! The Banzai website is a complete electronic representation of the company, with the role of expanding and promoting the products on the market, increasing sales and increasing the degree of brand recognition. As a result, we have included all these aspects in the site. Thus, the Banzai website has three essential roles: informative, marketing and promotional. 

In other words, on the site you can find information about the company, wherever you are. However, you want to know the company before trying the products, right? If you go further, the Banzai website contains complete information about products, prices, campaigns, delivery and much more. Why look elsewhere, when you have the necessary information and products at a click away? Last but not least, the Banzai website represents the weight of the brand. When you enter the site and see a unique and original design, you are involuntarily caught there for minutes.

Unique Design

Here we find the design team hidden behind the monitors. She developed the Banzai website using the Adobe XD digital tool, with the help of which unique designs can be configured, which can be accessed on any type of screen. Analyzing our partner’s wishes, understanding customers, promoting Banzai’s image – all were taken into the equation by the design team. We have kept the uniqueness of Banzai, from colors and fonts, to positioning and optimization. Therefore, we are sure that any first customer who enters the site will return here.

The site is intended for the customer. For this reason, we focused on the comfort of use or, in other words, organization. How did we do it? We played the role of the consumer. When you search for a specific product on Google, you enter the site that catches your attention and, at the same time, it is intuitive. Do not be confused on a site until you find the necessary product. If you can’t find it, go to another web page. That’s why the design team, Digital Point, created a design that is easy to understand and navigate, helping the client find the seeds and snacks they want. At the same time, we have preserved and even amplified the uniqueness of our partner!

WordPress platform

After the design is ready, the project goes to the IT team that deals with the actual creation of the site, using code-type programming languages. The Banzai website was created to be accessed, viewed and operated both on your laptop and on your mobile phone or tablet, the products and services offered being just a click away, wherever you are.

Online store

Because Banzai did not want to be part of the online environment just to gain visibility, but to sell their snacks to a wider audience, their online platform has a built-in store, which can be accessed by both people greedy physical as well as legal greedy. All you have to do to order is to add the products to the shopping cart and specify the address to which you want them to be delivered. To facilitate public interaction with the interface, the price of the products is displayed above the “Buy” button.

Creating a personal account

In order to keep track of orders, customers have the option to create an account with which they can check the status of the new order placed, in real time, can keep track of all orders ever registered on the Banzai website and of all delivery addresses used.

Newsletter Subscription

In order to never miss the discounts, offers, companies and promotions of your favorite brand, it is best to become a subscriber to the newsletter of that brand. This way you will always be up to date with the new changes, which will be sent directly to the inbox of your weekly e-mail.

We don’t forget the blog

The lights turn off, the curtain rises, the SEO team appears, Digital Point. We follow Jon Morrow’s conception, “Blogging does not mean publishing as much as you can. It is about publishing as intelligently as possible ”. We said above how important the site is for Banzai and any other partner. The site must attract, captivate and generate consumption. For this reason, we launched the site after the completion of the Blog section, with a few articles to match. The Banzai customer must be satisfied, and in order for this to happen, the customer must be informed. Besides the blog, all the products have their own description, understandable and, at the same time, creative. When you read the product description on the Banzai website, you inadvertently click on the basket filling.

Instead of conclusions

If you have come this far, you are definitely interested in the Banzai website. Enter here and see with your own eyes the result of our work. Don’t forget to fill the basket with some Banzai snacks!

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