How we transformed Casa Lebada, day one of collaboration until present

The course of a brand on the market always has its ups and downs, and this is exactly the case of Casa Lebada. Since the launch of the brand, from 1993 until now, the company has enjoyed periods of glory, but has also faced moments of balance. Today’s story includes the stages taken by Casa Lebada since the beginning of the collaboration with the marketing agency Digital Point.

Online store

Although Casa Lebada enjoys sales through local distributors, the moment demanded the need for a well-deserved change. Therefore, it was concluded that it is necessary to create an online store, through which the brand and own brand products to reach future customers faster and easier. Moreover, the process involved a 180-degree change in the design of the site, to create a better user experience.

Social media image

Today, social media largely dictates the success of a brand in the online environment. Although it exists, the online presence of Casa Lebada did not bring the desired results, so it was time for a transformation. The Facebook page was brought from a number of 3,900 followers to 12,000, through a content strategy well developed by specialists in the field, from Digital Point.

The Instagram and Google My Business pages were built from scratch, by building a representative image for the Casa Lebada brand. Currently, the presence on social media is marked by regular posts, with interactive content and interesting for the public.


To reward loyal customers, a giveaway was implemented through social media. By offering suggestive and attractive prizes, the activity of the contest gathered a million lovers of the brand on Facebook.

Outdoor Advertising

What to do when you want to reach people outside the online environment? The offline presence of Casa Lebada was marked through outdoor advertising. From street banners, to graphics and design for a bus station, to mark the launch of a new product, unique on the market, the Disinfectant Hand Gel with Cooling Effect, Casa Lebada has stood out among Iasi brands by new ideas and concepts.

The image of the products

Of course, in order for the products of a brand to be able to keep up with the requirements of the present, new clothes were needed. Therefore, new labels have been created for disinfectants and products from the Clean Range, Casa Lebada. Product photos were also taken, which were uploaded to the site and used for graphics.

Building the image in the press

In order to propagate the positive image that Casa Lebada has acquired over time, one of the local newspapers was used to publish articles and banners. In this way, several categories of the public came to get acquainted with the products and the brand, and to trust them.

The journey of the Casa Lebada brand was not an easy one, but it gathered, along the way, many satisfactions. Through well-developed products, as well as with the help of a carefully thought-out marketing strategy, Casa Lebada today enjoys a reputation in the list of successful local brands.

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