Graphic Design is back in style, this season, with Banzai

What others think about your brand is what your business actually represents. Just as at a formal event, clothes are the key, you will want your products to be dressed in such a way as to attract everyone’s eyes. You have to dress to impress!

Here comes to your aid an important branch of marketing, that of design. I challenge you to name a better duo than the one composed of marketing and design! Kind of hard, isn’t it? The two areas are complementary and should be inseparable.

The design is about concept and creation. The logo, the colors, the text, the aesthetics, all together, complete the design concept, and transform your product into the ideal choice.

With design, or without design? This is the question!

We believe that the correct answer to the question is self-evident. We know for sure that you want your brand to be at the forefront of all chapters. The design attached to your business is the one that will ensure you a memorable brand identity. How so?

  • Ensures your visibility
  • Gains credibility
  • Presents you the unique story
  • Resonates with the client
  • Humanizes the brand

It’s all about the look!

Images are the defining factor when it comes to building a unique and stable brand. Each line, icon, button or picture represents a chance to expose your brand and to model the way it is perceived. Banzai’s graphics and images were created after many hours of work and an unknown number of coffee cups, to perfectly fit the brand identity.

Print and Offline Media

Although the skeptics would say otherwise, we have proof that printed media did not die. We can even say that it still has a promising fate ahead of it, because nothing equals the experience of physical contact between the customer and the brand. In this category we can include flyers, street banners, promotional tokens, all with DigitalPoint graphics. We also didn’t forget the design for the Banzai cars, which we enjoyed doing.

Summer Crunch Quest

Because sometimes we want to leave the office, we thought of another kind of promotion. This is how Summer Crunch Quest appeared, the contest whose sole purpose was to promote the Banzai brand in the city of Iasi. Because we wanted to guarantee success, we created for the event graphics, personalized texts, posters, roll-ups and, of course, the indispensable social media promotion. As you may have learned from our previous stories, the result was truly promising.

Social Media

When it comes to social media… We know our stuff, we take every opportunity to mention how many benefits you can get from social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, all were built from scratch, being constantly maintained with interactive posts and original content. Because monotony is our dreaded enemy, we fought against it with giveaways and many promotional campaigns, which we thought about in the smallest detail.

After a year of collaboration, we are happy to see that the number of followers has increased considerably, which confirms the fact that our work was not in vain.

You cannot choose fonts, colors or images without having a clear vision of your brand. You need to see the concept of a brand’s visual identity as more than just a marketing tool. Finally, when you put them all together, you need to be able to read between the lines and understand the message behind the final image.

To be successful, you need to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes for a second, analyze and honestly answer the question “Do I want to buy this product?”. If you are honest with yourself, you will know if the final form is the one you will want to present to the public or changes are needed.

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