Direct Charging, still partners after Brexit

The Direct Charging company, specialized in the online trading of laptop chargers and batteries, started its collaboration with DigitalPoint in January of this year, calling on our SEO services for the site already equipped . Together, we set out to propel it to the front page of the Google search engine by the end of June. 

Our team achieved this goal in just 3 months, halfway through the proposed deadline, even in the context of the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus and the uncertain political situation in the United Kingdom caused by Brexit. 

Thus, in March, our partners’ website was already positioned on the first page of Google with 2 key terms: 

  1. “laptop battery analyzer” 
  2. “external laptop battery chargers”

Therefore, we managed to be in similar positions with the main companies that have already an old tradition in online commerce and promotion: Alibaba, Amazon, Aliexpress, IndiaMart or eBay.

Why did we manage to do this several times faster than the proposed deadline?

Our strategy had two clear directions:

  1. SEO;
  2. Copywriting.

For SEO optimization, we made an initial expertise to know the real situation of the company, after which, applying the right strategies, we managed to increase the visibility and number of clicks of the website from the very first month.

This growth was mostly organic, from one month to the next, although we started from a small traffic on the site. Gradually, with patience and team involvement, the Direct Charging website began to generate sales.  

For the Copywriting part we created technical, descriptive and educational articles, in which we presented the products of our partners and their usefulness. Thus, in these 3 months, DigitalPoint provided 15 such articles in English for our partners’ blog. Through these articles, the aim was both to promote the website and increase the visibility on google, as well as to increase the sales in the online store and to increase the trust of the company’s customers.

Show them your customers that is worth more than mere numbers and will trust you

Topics discussed in these articles can be found

  1. Presentationchargers external laptop battery that can be found in the online shop of the company Direct Charging, under Article “Charge your spare battery outside the laptop: A look on three external laptop battery chargers“.
  2. We discussed the importance and benefits of a laptop battery analyzer and how to use it in the article Why the health of your battery is as important as yours: The NLBA1 laptop battery analyzer. The final goal of this finale was to present and offer for sale the product “NLBA1 laptop battery analyzer” which is found at the end and in the form of a keyword.

We have presented a series of essential information for the proper functioning of a laptop and its battery, in the article The external laptop battery charger – when, why and how to use it. One of our strategies is to provide the customer with free information, without asking for anything in return, in order to gain their trust.


The website is an important tool for growing a business, but it is not enough. Good content and an optimization strategy are the elements that make the difference, because the consumer market is constantly assaulted by information. For this reason, we need quality and original content in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones, whether we are talking texts, images or videos.

 In this context, the objectives proposed in collaboration with Direct Charging were to maintain a qualitative content through written articles, through which to help grow the website both in the short and long term. Through SEO strategies, we set out and managed to position it on the first page in the Google search engine, based on the keywords used in the articles. Thus, we increased the visibility of the products and generated sales on the online store of our partners. 

Thank you Direct Charging for the trust offered!


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