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Being already a leader in Moldova, on the market of selling accessories for furniture and furnishings, Accemob has recently managed to make its presence felt in the city of Iasi. Expectedly, the change of landscape brought with it the need for a change of vision, tactics and strategy.

Because at Digital Point we know how to listen to the wishes and needs of our clients, so that later we can translate them into reality, we decided to jump into the project and come to the aid of Accemob, with the desire to help the company fix itself on the Romanian market map. That’s why we specifically dealt with the SEO part, to start with a solid base, from the technical optimization part, to the off page optimization part, when it comes to attracting links. Let’s tell you more about what we did!

Marketing strategy

The lack of a well-developed strategy stops the business development process and makes it difficult to solve problems. How did we proceed?

In the first instance I created a marketing strategy. “Where are we going?”, “How are we going to get there?” and “By what means?”, were the questions for which we established an answer, from the very beginning, with our partner. We put our minds to work and outlined the steps of the best “plan of attack”.

Social media

If you ask left and right, you probably hear that without social media you don’t really exist today. “Where social media is not, there is nothing!”

Unfortunately, the presence on social media did not bring the expected results. Although there is a Facebook page and a Linkedin page, the posted content failed to convey the company’s potential to customers. The increase of notoriety on social media involved the creation and posting of relevant content, which respects the direction that Accemob wanted to follow. At the same time, I agreed that an Instagram page will increase the visibility, implicitly, the number of customers.

Web site

We already know, as you probably found out, that the terms “successful business” and “website” can’t live without each other. We set to work and created for Accemob a site that contains everything necessary to facilitate the customer experience, such as:

  • Product categories – a menu that shows in groups all the product categories to allow quick access
  • My account – order history, addresses, invoices, everything at hand
  • Chat bot – WhatsApp Bussiness – the possibility to request in real time information about products, only through a message
  • Transport integration – immediate calculation of the transport value depending on the weight of the package, but also the possibility to track the order by ID


Yes, the results were not immediately visible. Even so, search engine optimization, SEO, has been one of the tactics approached to increase the flow of visitors to the site over time, implicitly, to increase the number of customers.

Mobile version

Has the smartphone become an extension of your hand for you, yet? As the mobile device is indispensable for most, we established that the site should be available in a mobile friendly version. Thus, visitors were able to easily navigate through the products and were able to place orders with minimal effort. Super simple!


Of course, we did not neglect to create a suitable logo, being absolutely necessary to complete the new Accemob image. The graphics department took all our ideas into account and set to work.

Drawn with hard lines, specific to businesses in the field of construction, furniture or accessories, the logo sumptuously embodies the letters A and M, the brand’s initials. The color palette is a modest one, composed of a strong shade of blue, applied to the font, and the white background. The contrast thus created pleasantly surprises the viewer, inspiring the idea of ​​professionalism and seriousness. The “corner” appearance refers to a 4-legged object, located on a flat surface, like one built by man. Through its simplicity, the logo manages to perfectly capture the idea of ​​classic and elegant behind Accemob.


In our field of activity we have learned that good ideas are not enough for a business to be prosperous. Likewise, in the case of Accemob, it was necessary to establish step by step, a clear order, in order to know exactly where we were going and by what means. Along the way, I gave them exactly what they needed for their business to grow.

We continue to put our talent to work, so that Accemob becomes the choice you will want to make from now on, in terms of accessories for furniture and furnishings.

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