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“Which pants fit me?”, “Should I wear a jacket or coat?” or “Do I have to match my tie with my shirt?” These are some of the questions you ask yourself, from time to time. Thus was born BMan, out of the desire to provide answers and teach the male population about the importance of clothing style.Currently, information about men’s fashion is scarce and not very relevant to the public. At DigitalPoint, we always aim for articles to address current and trending topics, and that’s exactly what we did in Bman’s case. The basic purpose remained in the foreground, that of clarifying the problems that men face when trying to find their personal style. That’s how we outlined the most stylish blog.

The blog – more than just a story

How many times have you heard someone say “How come you don’t have a blog?” ?

If you didn’t know, the blog is not just a simple diary kept in your free time. The blog can be an excellent tool for promoting in the online environment. What advantages does it offer you?

  • Is handy, easy to understand and use; you don’t have to be a genius to own a blog. You only need the minimum of information, a drop of talent and a bit of ambition.
  • Increasing traffic; the existence of a constantly updated blog can only arouse interest and get more access to the site.
  • The option to share on social media; Do we still need to give explanations when it comes to the importance of social networks? If the present has decided that social media dictates, you can only take the opportunity.
  • Branding tool; the existence of a blog, implicitly of the articles, denotes the fact that you are attentive to the clients’ requirements and offer them something extra besides products.
  • Educating the public; The information you provide has the role of clarifying problems, of answering questions. You must first demonstrate to people the usefulness of your product, so that they want it.

Behind the scenes of content writing or how research is the mother of learning

In how many ways can you wear a shirt, or How to dress on the first date?, are stories that we have tried to lay out as best we can. An aspect we can never lose sight of, research is life-saving. Well, that’s what we started with. No, we did not reinvent the secrets of masculine style, but we selected only real and current information.

Only after we were sure that we knew how to answer all the questions, we started the process of sorting, grouping and adapting the information. In short, we started with our favorite step, writing, in which an article begins to come to life and shape.

We also like to play a little role-playing game, meaning we always put ourselves in character, to see if the material created is interesting, catches the audience and manages to provide relevant information. This way we realize if you, the one who reads, already have the information stored in the memory, when you leave the site.

We are satisfied with our work only when we know that we have written, rewritten and modified several times. This is the only way we are completely sure that the final shape of a material is the best.

In the end we can say that we are more than satisfied with the work done and that we have become experts in matching shirts, together with Bman.

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