All about the Accemob Grup online store in the Republic of Moldova

A well-built website always leaves a positive impression on the public. Like a light show, fireworks or a number of acrobatics at height, the visual delight effect generated by a quality web page will impress the viewer enough to be able to remember your brand in the future. And the strongest desire of each of us, successful people or ordinary people, is not to be forgotten.

The website of your business is its business card. In the age of high speed internet it is good to be prepared for the glances from all over the world.

This was also the case of Accemob Grup, a true leader in the Republic of Moldova on the market of furniture accessories sales. After the success of the company’s accemob.ro website, on the Romanian market, it was decided to develop and integrate in the online environment a web page for the sale and distribution of products to individuals and legal entities in the Republic of Moldova.

This is where the Digital Point team intervened. Having already experienced in the field of collaboration with Accemob Grup, obtained after the elaboration and patenting of the Romanian website, we set up the country again and created from scratch an online store even bigger and more comprehensive than the first one.

The development process

Once we found out the needs, expectations and requirements of our partner, the Web Design team broke the ice, starting the process of thinking and creating the structure of the appearance of the digital interface of the page, with which future customers would interact. The entire design was worked in Figma, keeping the colors representative of the brand (yellow, blue and white), after which it was taken over by our IT colleagues, who translated every visual detail into a functional code, laying the foundations of the website on the WordPress platform, using a blank theme.

Online shopping has never been simpler

Similar to the one in Romania, sebas.md was created to be a comprehensive and functional online store. At present it includes a list of over 3,000 products put up for sale, but the large number of offers does not affect the buyer’s experience because the main menu is intuitively structured by categories, subcategories and sub-subcategories, to facilitate navigation. Following an analysis performed by the Marketing team, Digital Point decided to develop the products on five different columns, next to an area that allows filtering according to the desired price range, brand, color, size and material. Also, to facilitate the navigation process, the website has been equipped with a search bar, which allows you to find any product in stock, using its name or its barcode.

The Accemob Grup Moldova online store addresses both individuals and legal entities, offering the possibility of several payment methods, including payment by card.

Also, the services of the sebas.md domain are available in both Romanian and Russian. 

Career opportunities

In addition to the services of the online store, the sebas.md website offers visitors the opportunity to upload and submit their CV directly on the platform, the file being automatically distributed to the HR department.

Tech Support

Another method to facilitate the experience of Accemob Grup Moldova customers was to implement a real-time consulting service, integrating directly on their website a ChatBot, by connecting the social network WhatsApp Messenger and Web, the technical support team Accemob, website.

Possibility to create an account

With a maximum emphasis on the needs of customers and visitors to the website, Accemob wanted the integration of a database server, which allows the creation of user accounts. The “My Account” section integrates the delivery addresses and invoices of the users, the latter being able to be downloaded directly from the site.

SEO Services

Blog Articles? The Digital Point Copywriting team is always ready to offer site visitors advice and information regarding the products sold on the website, and through SEO techniques these articles will reach further… to the general public. How? By a simple search on Google, using keywords in the field of furniture accessories, the articles of Digital Point partners will become top in the list of the most accessed links.

Don’t you take our word for it? We will convince you of the veracity of our words at the first opportunity you give us. Come and take a look at our portfolio, to find out more about Digital Point collaborations with other partners, and if you want to talk you can find us:

  • In Iasi, on 13 Aleea Nicolina Street,
  • At the phone number: 0749 296 302 or
  • On the e-mail address office@digitalpoint.ro.
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