About Attitude and creating a responsive site

Attitude is a concept born from the passion for movement and the desire to help people understand the beauty and benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, passion and enthusiasm are very important for your business to be successful, but that is not enough. But how do you get the message across to as many people as possible?

The most convenient method is to promote online, through a site where you let people know you exactly as you are. (Preferably only the good parts, without the bad.)

One of the most effective website creation techniques is to opt for a responsive design that is adaptable to a multitude of screen resolutions from which it is viewed.

Why is this so important? For the same reason that Attitude exists. People are extremely busy and, except for those who work directly with a laptop, too few of them actually spend time in front of a desktop.

Why a responsive site?

  • It can be viewed on any type of device, desktop or mobile, because it automatically adapts its content to its resolution. This eliminates the effort to create two separate versions, i.e. one for mobile devices and one for desktop.
  • It has the ability to adapt the design of the pages in its entirety, in order to offer users a pleasant and easy browsing experience.
  • It looks good on any device and meets the needs of the user.
  • It’s either simple and intuitive, even if the system is complex, because the user doesn’t care how loaded the system is or how elaborate its structure is. His desire is to navigate as directly and quickly as possible.

Responsible in nutrition, responsive in web design

It is very important that any site is optimized for all mobile devices because market analysis shows that more than 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

So, in order for our partners’ business to achieve the desired objectives, after taking over the already existing site, we created an SEO corresponding to the new Google indexing criteria. The purpose of this process is to increase the traffic coming from the mobile phone. Starting with July 2018, google algorithms analyze web pages according to the mobile version.

With the elimination of navigation errors and the achievement of an efficient optimization, the user experience on the site is visibly improved, which is also noticeable in the lower abandonment / rejection rate.

In order for the site to meet these requirements, we have made a number of adjustments

  • We chose a new template that meets the requirements. Our designers rethought the look of the site and reconsidered the need for the presence of each element and parts of content. At the same time, we have removed or replaced the unrepresentative content.
  • I opted for comfort when using the site. It was intended that the site should be simple, with a clear navigation menu and easy to use both on a desktop and by mobile phone users.
  • We inserted photo galleries, sliders and banners with suggestive images, which would highlight the image of our partner and his services.
  • We have optimized the images for mobile devices, so that the site loads faster
  • I adjusted the text. The text is the basic form of content and accompanies each element. That is, it is present everywhere, whether it is a large block of text, a phrase or a word. We adapted the text in such a way that it corresponds to the brand image and to communicate exactly the desired message, we restructured the information and its layout on the page.6.       Because the ultimate goal of the site is to gain a new audience, we have added the chatbot option, to maintain an effective communication relationship especially with new customers. At the same time, this option helps the business to grow and takes the place of a personal assistant.
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